Star Wars Font Family

Introducing Star Wars Font Family. The movie series made such tremendous success that it’s miles the 0.33 maximum grossing movie collection behind best harry potter and James bond movies as of 2011.

He even created unique headline variations for use at massive sizes. Italics are real cursive designs, at the same time as the oblique.  A palette of designs to address the most complex of hierarchical worries.

To take a look at the behavior of his basic in an on-screen environment, and explore the traits necessary for max imaging. While he certainly based pm caecilia sans on his in advance slab serif typeface.

Star Wars Font Family

The new design has fundamental adjustments to enhance its performance on digital displays. Noordzij adjusted the typeface of character stroke width modulation. Changed spacing and kerning to ensure the nice levers of clarity.

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Star Wars Font - Star Wars Font Family

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