890 Free Sans-serif Fonts

Volvo Font Free Download

Volvo Font

Introducing a modern logo typeface that goes under the name Volvo Font. This typography was designed for the logo of a famous equipment manufacturing company. Mr. Robert Besley is the main creator behind the creation of this font family. And …

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Aharoni Font Free Download

Aharoni Font

Aharoni font is a remarkable font that has its personal default handsome look. This TrueType font has 242 glyphs count in range and 1000 units in per em. You can download this font by just clicking on the single button...

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Montserrat Font Free Download

Montserrat Font

Montserrat font was designed and released by a graphic designer Julieta Ulanovsky. It belongs to the sans serif typeface family and was updated in 2017. The Updated version of this font family includes additional features and characgters that makes it …

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Pontiac Font Free Download

Pontiac Font

Here we are going to present an outstanding typeface that is famous with the name Pontiac Font. This staggering typeface belongs to the category of the sans serif family of typefaces. The two wise designers named Fanny Coulez and Julien …

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Garamond Font Free Download

Garamond Font

Mostly designers are looking for a font that is best for books. So, we are introducing a famous font family that has the best readability for textbooks named Garamond Font. This font is also good for printing and body text. …

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Veneer Font Free Download

Veneer Font

Veneer Font is a bold and sturdy font usually used for display purposes. This bold and sturdy font belongs to the geometric Sans-Serif font family. It was created by Ryan Martinson and in 2012 a studio named Yellow Design Studio published …

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Avenir Next Font Free Download

avenir next font feature 310x165 - Avenir Next Font Free Download

Avenir next font belongs to the largest sans serif typeface family. This font was designed by a famous graphic designer Adrian Frutiger and was released in 1988. This typeface is the expanded version of Avenir font family. Initial release of …

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Gill Sans Font Free Download

Gill Sans Font

Gill sans font became designed and published by way of Adobe. This font is a listing of all 260 glyphs contained within the font, inclusive of OpenType variants that may most effectively be available via OpenType-conscious applications...

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Land Rover Font Free Download

Land Rover Font

We introduce a classic texture known by the name Land Rover Font. This typography lies in the category of the sans serif family of fonts and this typeface was mainly designed by Eric Gill. In the year 1930, this typography …

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Avenir Font Free Download

Avenir Font

Avenir font belongs to geometric sans serif typeface family. In 1987, it was designed by a famous typographic designer Adrian Frutiger. Later in 1988, this font was released by a typeface foundry Linotype Gmbh. This font was released with three …

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Poppins Font Free Download

Poppins Font

Poppins font family is an awesome font that became designed by means of Ninad Kale and published. For the first time by Indian type foundry. This geometric sans serif typefaces had been a popular design tool ever on account that those actors took to the sector’s degree...

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