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Here, We are going to introduce a unique typeface known as Code 128 Font. This font is consist of straight lines that are thin, bold, and light. It consists of more than forty-five characters along with empty box-style characters. It is available in TrueType(TTF) format.  Code 128 is a famous barcode and it is highly used for underlining purposes. 

The font that is used for the creation of this code was designed by Grand Zebu. This popular font has more than 106 unique characters that are suitable for multiple design tasks. It has three kinds that are Code 128 A, Code 128 B, and Code 128 C. These types are lowercase characters, ASCII special characters, and Numeric.

This stylish font has unique features that are helpful for calculations and generating new codes. Its thin black and straight bold characters are suitable for different types of design projects. Due to its unique look for all fonts, it is best for pairing with Barstrip Ultra Condensed Font.

Download Code 128 Font Free

The free version is available here, You can easily get it by clicking on the download link that is given below in the download button.

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Where Can I Use Code 128 Font?

This font is useful for many projects in many places. You can use this font to underline your text. A lot of designers use this interesting font for different logo design purposes. Many higher product companies and food factories use this font for putting the bar code on their products.

You can use this amazing font for product pricing on different things. It is best for use in-game textures, game graphics, windows 7, Windows 8, and other official software. This interesting font is also suitable for making display designs and coming designs.

Code 128 Font

By pairing this interesting font with any other font like enochian font, you can create a lot of more unique and interesting designs. This classic typeface is perfect for use in emblems designs, gift card designs, product titling designs, and so on. It is suitable for Word, Excel, and other similar software.

More Info Know About Code 128 Font!

What kind of font is Code 128 Font?

This is a modern unique font and it belongs to the dingbat’s category in the font family. It has only one regular style.

Can I use Code 128 Font for commercial?

Yes, you can use this amazing font for commercials but it is not free. You must pay some money to the font owner and then it is useable for commercials.

Is there any similar font to Code 128 Font?

Yes, you can find easily its similar dingbats font to this typeface such as the moon runes font which is closest to this typeface.

What is the online generator tool of Code 128 Font?

This is a free online tool that generates similar text graphics to this typeface within one second. So, just go on google and use it for free.

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