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Avenir Next font is a staggering typeface that belongs to the largest sans serif typeface family designed by notable graphic designer Adrian Frutiger. It was released in 1988 for graphic designing work. Since it was released, many corporations and designers used this amazing typeface on their websites as well as various other designs. It became instantly popular among the designers for the right reasons.

After being released, many designers adopt this best due to its good alternatives to one of the highly used fonts Futura font. Nunito font is also another the closest font to the Avenir Next font. This typeface comes in a huge 52 styles and 10 weights from regular to Heavy and its matching italics. So, why are wasting time, just get this amazing font from our website and get started with the usage of for your upcoming projects

This font has full of character sets including all case letters, punctuation marks, numbers, symbols, icons, texture ligatures, stylistic alternates, and many special characters which make it suitable for numerous designs. This font can also be specified in the CSS and Github. However, this typeface is not an Adobe font and don’t induct by any Adobe software.

After the big details of this clean and modern typeface, it is applied to various places where you need a unique touch. It would be suitable for your logo designs, posters, webpage designs, signage, business cards, invitation cards, advertising, publishing and promotion projects, app developments, printing projects, etc.

Avenir Next Font

It is also the perfect typeface giving an extraordinary touch to any size of the text. If you need a professional look at your headlines and titles then choose this typeface for this kind of purpose.

You can also use this font for your regular office tasks such as in your reports, invoices, post descriptions, documentation, records, resumes, contents, articles, ads, project presentations or draw simple text onto your colorful backgrounds.

Difference Between Avenir Font & Avenir Next Font

As in our previous article explain that the Avenir font is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1988. The word “Avenir” means “future” in French, and the font was designed to represent the future of typefaces, combining humanist and geometric elements. Avenir has a clean, modern appearance with even stroke weights, closed apertures, and rounded terminals. It features 12 different weights, ranging from light to heavy, with corresponding italics for each weight.

On the other hand Avenir Next is an updated and expanded version of the original Avenir font. Released in 2004, it was designed by Adrian Frutiger in collaboration with Akira Kobayashi. Avenir Next retains the core features of Avenir but introduces some improvements and refinements. The most notable differences include:

Here are a few addition features of avenir next.

  • Avenir Next includes more weights, styles, and glyphs, making it more versatile for a wider range of applications.
  • Avenir Next has slightly larger x-height and open counters, which contribute to better legibility, especially at smaller sizes.
  • Some of the characters in Avenir Next have been subtly adjusted, resulting in a more harmonious appearance.
  • Avenir Next has an extended family, featuring 32 different font styles, including condensed versions, making it more suitable for various design applications.

Avenir Next Usage on Images

Here are few sample images in which you can have a look that how does the avenir next font actually appear while using on the graphics.

avenir next font feature - Avenir Next Font Free Download

Here the following image respresent its cracter set.

Avenir Next Font

Download Avenir Next Font Free

As you know that the avenir next is commercial font but you can give it a try for your personal projects from here.

Download Now

Avenir Next Font Pairing!

As a graphic designer, you should must know that pairing Avenir Next with other fonts is an important part of creating a balanced typographic hierarchy in your design. Avenir Next is a sans-serif typeface, so it can be paired with various types of fonts.

Here are some suggestions for pairing Avenir Next in a effective way.

  1. Serif fonts: A classic approach is to pair a sans-serif font like Avenir Next with a serif font. This contrast in styles can create an interesting visual dynamic. Some popular serif fonts to consider are Garamond, Caslon, Georgia, or Baskerville.
  2. Slab serif fonts: Pairing Avenir Next with a slab serif font can create a strong and modern look. Slab serifs have thick, block-like serifs, which complement the geometric nature of Avenir Next. Some examples of slab serif fonts include Rockwell, Museo Slab, and Roboto Slab.
  3. Humanist sans-serif fonts: For a more subtle contrast, you can pair Avenir Next with a humanist sans-serif font. Humanist fonts have more organic and calligraphic forms, which can provide a softer contrast to Avenir Next’s geometric nature. Examples of humanist sans-serif fonts include Gill Sans, Frutiger, and Myriad Pro.
  4. Script or decorative fonts: If you want to create a striking contrast, consider pairing Avenir Next with a script or decorative font for headings or accents. These fonts can bring a touch of elegance or playfulness to your design. Some examples include Lobster, Brush Script, or Snell Roundhand. Use these fonts sparingly to avoid overwhelming your design.

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