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Visuelt Font is a sturdy and modern sans-serif typeface that comes in 7 weights and each weight has two separate styles that become a total of 14 styles in the font family. This astonishing typeface was designed by Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington and they released in 2014 with a notable foundry called Colophon Foundry. The typeface was designed for a client as a bespoke font who demanded a more unlimited and standard version of Apercu. Latterly, it was expanded with some more extra weights and released for commercial purposes.

This font got some inspiration from the Apercue Font based on its letterforms. Both fonts having the same features and styles that can be used with the pairing of Burgess Font. Akzidenz Grotesk Font and Basis Grotesque are the most similar fonts to this typeface.

The font family provides impressive swashes, unique glyphs, and many interesting and soft characters including uppercase, lowercase, numerals, Basic punctuations, updated icons, symbols, and many special characters. We are providing a free version of this typeface and you are free to use it for personal and non-commercial projects.

The Close Appearance at Visuelt Font

Visuelt Font

To Use Visuelt Font for Your Designs

Due to its huge italic weights, glyphs, and soft characters, this font is the most usable font on the web. The lettering of the font is perfect for display and printing projects. Besides, you have plenty of choices where you can utilize this font. It can bring a versatile look to your Headlines, Titles as well as Quotes, Post descriptions, Presentations, Articles, Content, Magazines and Newspaper Headings and Subheadings, and even any documentation purposes.

This typeface is the most suitable font for official purposes and you can utilize this font for your official documents. Besides, you can use this font for your extensive designing projects and you can make such interesting designs with the use of this typeface such as:-

  • Logos and Posters
  • Book Covers
  • Banners and Brochures
  • Website and blog template
  • Labels and Signages
  • Social media Posts
  • Advertisement, Stationery
  • Product packaging
  • Branding projects
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Thumbnails
  • Business and Invitation cards
  • Certificates
  • Magazines, and Newspapers

Download Visuelt Font For Free

We are providing you with a free version of this font and you can get it by pressing the below download button. This free version is useful for your project but not for commercial purposes. You must purchase its license from any reliable source.

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Commonly Asked Questions!

What type of font is Visuelt Font?

This is a top-notched sans-serif typeface that has been influenced by the Apercu stylings. It was released in 2014 through Colophon Foundry. It has 7 weights and each weight has matching italics.

What is the closest font to the Visuelt Font?

Many similar fonts you can find on the web but Akzidenz Grotesk Font and Basis Grotesque are the closest fonts to this typeface.

Is Visuelt Font a free font?

Yes, it is a completely 100% free font for all your personal and private projects but can’t use in any commercial project without its license. So, you must purchase its license for commercial purposes.

What goes well with the Visuelt Font?

If you are looking for a font that makes best paired with this typeface then we suggesting you Burgess Font that well goes with this font.

Is there any font similar to Visuelt in Google Fonts?

There is a huge list of google fonts that are having the same features and styles but Noto Sans JP Font is the most similar font to this typeface on Google Fonts.

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