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In this post, we are sharing a geometric sans serif typeface that is free for all your personal and commercial projects. It is the Rift font formed in 2016 by a well-known type designer Mr. Mattox Shuler. He released the design through Fort Foundry. This typeface is a condensed design only with uppercase letterings same as the Compacta font that was inspired by the geometric font used on vintage sci-fi posters.

Styles and Weights

It comes in large 20 styles that provide pretty rounded corners and possess 6 weights including regular, bold, italic, medium, light, and demi (each weight comprises matching italics). It is the typeface that comprises a full set of characters including uppercase, numbers, general punctuations, symbols, icons, and many stylistic alternatives which would be a tremendous font for huge designs.

It is also can be found within adobe and google fonts. The textures of this font family are clean with soft rounded shapes that would be suitable for posters, business cards, headlines, quotes, advertising, signage, etc. Abolition font and Tungsten font are the most similar fonts to this typeface. It is a free typeface for all your personal and commercial projects.

Rift Font


The font license allows you for all personal and commercial purposes, You don’t need to buy its license or other registration things. It can be freely applied to your graphic, display, and printing projects.

Usage of Rift Font

This font family provides OpenType features to allow you more flexibility and control for your designs. It has many stylistic alternates that give a playful vibe for posters, business or invitation cards, banners, brochure layouts, social media posts, t-shirt designs, Powerpoint presentations, advertising, website templates, book covers, signage, and many more.

Due to its clean and smooth characters, you can create amazing headlines and titles with the use of this typeface. It has tabular figures that are suitable for reports, timers, and app designs. You can also use this typeface for creating magazines and newspaper headings, letterheads, invoices, resumes, articles, descriptions, quotes, website headers and footers, and many related things.

Free for your Personal Projects

If you need a freeware version of this typeface that is free from all the license issues. You can freely use this font family for all your personal and commercial projects. Just click on the below download button to get it on your operating systems.

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Most Common Questions and Answers!

What font goes well with Rift font?

It has very soft and clean letterforms that can be perfectly utilized with the pairing of many other sans series, serifs, and slab serifs typefaces. But It can make best paired with Bookman font.

What font is similar on Adobe to the Rift?

Acumin font, Orpheus font, Termina font, Futura font Plantin font, Minion font, Neue Haas Grotesk font are the most similar fonts to the typeface on Adobe.

What font is Rift?

This is a high-quality sans serif typeface inspired by the geometric font used on vintage sci-fi posters. It was designed in 2016 by Mattox Shuler and published through Fort Foundry. It comes in 5 weights from regular to Demi with its matching italics.

Is Rift a free font?

This is a completely free typeface that can be used for all your personal and official projects. You don’t need to purchase its license or other registrations.

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