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Introducing the Raleway Font! that is the sans-serif typeface and the styling of this font has been done by a professional designer, Matt McInerney, and he is really much famous for designing great typefaces.

This is the elegant typeface that was designed with only one single thin weight and after 4 years new weights have been added to this font and all of them provides great result when used with Shadow Boxing Font.

This font would be the ideal choice for all different types of modern and old-style designs. There is also a sister family of this typeface is available that is known as Raleway Dots Font.

Raleway Font View - Raleway Font Family Free Download

This is the roman typeface that is famous for its pairing function and this works well with cormorant font and its styles. This font is highlighted on all different lining numerals and old-style designs.

Utilization of Raleway Font

There are many changes that have been made in this font after 4 years of this typeface release and that adds some more features and characteristics and that increases the usage of this font.

If you are going to create any of the modern or old design projects then use this font with industrial sans font. This typeface is also a great choice for designing Logos, Posters, and many more designs.

Usage Permission

This Font is a great typeface that is available for free of cost and this would be the best choice for your upcoming projects.

Download Raleway Font

If you are going to use this typeface for any of your designing projects so for that reason download this font from the below-given link.

Download Now


Is Raleway Font Free?

This typeface is totally for all your future and current projects and once you create an Adobe font account then you can make maximum use of this font.

What Font Is Closest to Raleway?

There are many different fonts that make great pair with different fonts that include Avenir and Proxima Nova Font.

Is Raleway Typeface a Good Choice?

Yes, it is an amazing choice, and that all for a genuine reason as this is the versatile font that provides your designs a touch of modern design that also maintaining the old-style looking.

Where Should Raleway Typeface Be Used?

The use of this typeface is really wide and this can easily be utilized in all types of display and printing fields.

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