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Today we had brought you the amazing sans-serif typeface that is known as Product Sans Font. This font is designed by the tech giant Google and they designed this font so that they can replace this with the previous Google Logo font.

There are different versions available of this typeface are available and the most famous one is Google Sans Font. This font is released on the date of 1st September 2015 and from that day this font got so much popularity.

The design of this typeface is really much similar to the designing of Futura Font. There are many different android version has been released on which this font is widely utilized for the user interface.

Why Choose Product Sans Font

Since the release of this font, it has been used in a number of different places and this would be a great choice for Logos as this font comes with great capabilities of attracting people to this styling.

There are many different apps available inside Google Apps and services on which this typeface is being used that contains Drive, map, News, etc. This typeface also being used in different android versions as well.

License Information

This typeface is not available for anyone for free so once you purchase the license then you can take maximum benefit from this font.

Product Sans Font View Image

Product Sans Font View - Product Sans Font Free Download

Product Sans Font Free Download

As we already know that this is a commercial typeface so we had shared the free version of this font with you.

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Common Questions About Product Sans Font!

How Do I Use Product Sans Font?

The usage process is really simple you just need to download this font and you will get this font for your personal usage.

Can I Use Google Product Sans Font?

This font can be used by anyone for every type of design and this mainly used for Google apps and services.

What Kind of Font Does Google Use?

The basic typeface that is used by Google is known as Google Sans and product sans is the textual style that was created by Google to give the new look to all its products.

What Fonts Are Similar to Product Sans?

The most similar typeface to product sans would be Futura Font and Harmonia Sans Font.

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