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In this post, We are going to introduce a new sans serif typeface that is so famous in the design market known as Point Font. This font family has high-quality features that attract the audience to your designs. It comes in 20 styles that are suitable for use in all types of text and other design purposes.

Due to its clean and simple appearance, this font is perfect for readable text. This texture is suitable for use in different design purposes. It has more than 80 classic characters including numbers and punctuation marks. This font family was established by Ndiscover. Any designer can make pairing this font with off-white font which is a famous font.

It consists of Open Type and True Type features that come with fractions, stylistic alternates, and so on. Its letter size has (0.013837 inches & 0.3515 mm) which is a standard size for text designs. The generator tool of this font is available for use and copy and paste function is also available.

Why Point Font is a Popular Choice

You can use this font for making long and short paragraphs with a clean or soft look. This font is suitable for outstanding poster designs, wall murals designs, banners designs, and logos designs of famous brands. This typeface is useable for watermark design purposes.

Along with this typeface, you can make beautiful street posters designs, name designs, run an advertisement campaign, and many other related purposes. Composing a book with this and designing wedding cards is also a rational idea.

You can make it useful for your undertakings by downloading it from here. Due to its huge number of uses, many international languages support this typeface. This texture is also good for making combinations with cooper hewitt font.

Point Font

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Most Asked Questions on a Particular Topic!

What font is similar to Point Font?

A number of fonts are similar to this font family that you can see on your site but the if you want to choose the most alternative font to it then pick simpel font.

What kind of font is Point Font?

This is a sans serif typeface that has bold and clean look letters. The Point typeface was created by Ndiscover for the first time.

Is Point Font suitable for heading?

Yes, you can choose this sans serif font for different types of bold, light, and italic heading designs purposes. Furthermore, it is best for bold titling purposes.

Can I use Point Font for Canva?

Yes, you can utilize this modern and useful font in Canva for different types of design purposes. This gorgeous texture is free for personal designing purposes.

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