Symbola Font Free Download

Symbola Font

Symbola font become designed by using George Douros and became first time posted on Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts in 2015. Symbola Font This font have uppercase and lower case and different chars style in it. This unicode font have 3985 glyphs unit in range and 2048 units in per …

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Kakadu Font Family Free Download

Kakadu Font

Kakadu font own family become designed with the aid of Ludwig Übele in 2016 and was published on Ludwig type for the first time. Kakadu Font Family This font works nicely in small sizes whilst, it appears robust and distinguished in large ones. Kakadu is a squarish sans serif, designed …

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Granjon Roman Font Free Download

Granjon Font

Granjon roman font was designed by way of George W. Jones, Claude Garamond in 1928 and turned into first time posted on Linotype Foundry. Granjon Roman Font This is an transtional sans serif font. Granjon is a bit much less crisp in reduce than both Sabon, Stempel Gararmond or Berthold …

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Segoe UI Font Free Download

Segoe UI Font

Segoe ui font is an superb font designed by Steve Matteson all through his employment at Agfa Monotype. Segoe UI Font This font have 2828 glyphs unit in numbers. This font have eleven styles. Extraordinary aspect about this font is that is the default font of microsoft windows 10 now …

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Swiss 721 BT Font Free Download

Swiss 721 BT Font

Swiss 721 bt font was designed by Max Miedinger and became first time published on Bitstream in 1982. Swiss 721 BT Font This sans serif family that stages in fashion from thin to black while blending in a few unexpected, however beautifully made and sarcastically flattering, define weights that boost …

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Optima Font Free Download

Optima Font

Optima font was designed via Hermann Zapf in 1958. This font supports upto 82 languages. Optima Font Designer zapf made his first sketches whilst travelling the Santa Croce Church in Florence. This font supports upto 9 opentype features. In 2002, greater than 50 years after the primary sketches, Hermann Zapf and …

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Sassoon Infant Std Font Free Download

Sassoon Infant Std Font

Sassoon infant std font become designed via Rosemary Sassoon, Adrian Williams and was first time posted on Sassoon Williams Foundry. Sassoon Infant Std Font That is an splendid script font. Sassoon infant font family have 8 font styles. One can use this font as his default font due to its …

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Script MT Bold Font Free Download

Script MT Bold Font

Script MT bold font is an handwritten font. This script font is very user friendly font. Script MT Bold Font This font have an unusually heavy appearance, inspired by the early 20th-century german script writing patterns. You will use this font for writing an awesome textual content record, printing and …

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Backpage Font Free Download

Backpage Font

Backpage font is an Dingbat font. This is a unique cartoonic font. Backpage Font This font became created through Gaut font and changed into first time published in 2003. This truetype font consits of about a hundred glyphs. You can use this font for notable design, cartoonic texture font and …

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Eurostile Regular Font Free Download

Eurostile Regular Font

Eurostile regular font turned into designed by Aldo Novarese and was first time posted on URW+++. Eurostile Regular Font This sans serif geometric sans font is sub category of eurostile font which have about twenty textures. This font circle of relatives supports upto more then 50 languages. This is really …

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