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Introducing you to the great sans-serif typeface that is known as the Highway Gothic Font. When this font is released this is known as the FHWA Series fonts.

The designing of this typeface has been done by Ash Pikachu and this font with champagne & limousines font will provide the best results for traffic rules and road signage designs.

This typeface is also considered as the improved version of the E font. In the beginning, this font only offers capital letters but now there are both the uppercase and lowercase letters.

This font along with the styling of flash font is used in different Android devices and there are many different alternatives of this font that are present and these are listed inside google fonts.

Download Free Highway Gothic Font

You can get this font without worrying about any type of requirement so by clicking the below button you will get this font.

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Use of Highway Gothic Font

Highway Gothic Font View - Highway Gothic Font Family Free Download

This font comes with a clean and clear texture that increases the legibility and readability of this font and this is the reason that this font gain so much popularity and this mostly used for designing road signs.

The use of this font makes the text clear and when this font use with rage italic font this provides great results and if you want to make text highlighted and prominent then this font is the best choice.


This sans-serif font is totally free for all types of paid and unpaid projects so use this font in your designs.


Is Highway Gothic a Free Typeface?

This is the high-quality sans-serif typeface that is available for free personal and commercial use.

Who Designed Highway Gothic?

This font is released many years ago and it was created by Ash Pikachu.

Where Can You Use This Font?

There is no place on which you can not use this font so feel free to use this font for all display and printing projects and this font will make your designs prominent.

What Is Highway Gothic Generator Tool?

This is the tool that is useful for creating new and unique shapes using this font that also free of cost.

What Font Is Similar to This Font?

Gotham and Proxima Nova Font are the best similar font to this Highway Gothic Font.

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