Herculanum Font Free Download

Today we are very happy to present a free Typeface font. Introducing Herculanum Font. This font is designed by the hard work of the famous author Adrian Frutiger.

Herculanum font has been selected by kind directors membership to acquire the “certificate of excellence in kind layout” 1998. These original characters, on occasion narrow and now and again expansive, create a completely expressive line float.

This free font is therefore recommended for short replica textual content. However, the herculanum font is also exciting as a headline font and it is able to be utilized in mixture with replica type relevant today.

Herculanum changed into named after Pompeii’s dual city. Because it’s miles primarily based on roman handwritings of the primary century. This makes the script smooth to adapt to nowadays’s typography.

Herculanum Font

As opposed to the stark shape of chiseled or drawn capitals because, the quick, handheld stylus gave this italic face a lithe profile. The individual characters, but, nonetheless remain definitely separated from each different, and the basic form of the letters is still discernible.

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Herculanum Font - Herculanum Font Free Download

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