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Gabriola font is the display font typeface and John Hudson designed this font for Microsoft. This font is used in window 7, window 8 and MS Office 2010.

Modeka by Gatis Vilaks is a gentle and based font that mixes corners with rounded details. The effect is a set of characters with visible junctions between the components of every element.

Developed by way of Johan Elm hag, the coastline typeface is headquartered on extraordinary coastal areas as they’d show up if the entire ice on this planet melted.

Today, geometric sans serif with good legibility for both print and net; includes mild and black weights with matching italics.

Clean, all-caps sans-serif typeface; includes thin and heavy weights with matching italics. Marisa Passos designed larger for a student project and has on the grounds that supplied it without cost public use.

You are looking at Optician sans, a free San Typeface centered on the ten historical opt type letters seen on millions of eye charts worldwide.

Gabriola Font

The Gabriola font can add class and style to titles, subheads and other situations wherein a more ornamental form of form is proper.

Sans-serif typeface with a “techy” feel and geometric formation that keeps readability at quite a lot of sizes; includes general and light weights.

Best for headlines, better is elongated with the identifying varieties of each and every letter condensed to the upper or lower component of every persona.

Nordic is an experimental typeface designed by way of Yana Berezina. It was motivated with the aid of Norwegian runes, which might be the letters used in more than a few Germanic languages earlier than the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

There are eight different stylistic sets, allowing users to set the same text in different modes, from the plainest style to the most elaborate and fanciful.

SquarePants is created by way of ANTI Hamar and typographer Fábio Duarte Martins and is an entirely practical enlargement of the letters to include numbers and exact characters.

This font has a stylish layout with lovely contrast. It is used for display and it has different styles which allow the text in different modes.

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