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Let’s start with the details of a humanist typeface that is known as Frutiger Font. It was designed by Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger. He created this typeface in 1968 for sign systems of the Charles De Gaulle Airport “Paris”. Very clear and recognition from much distance, this sans-serif typeface is a perfect font for the specific legibility need of the airport signage.

He expanded the font family for D.Spempel AG with the Linotype foundry and It became a complete font family and kept the name, Frutiger Font. It is good for display tasks such as logos, Posters, Banners, and many more.

This font family contains 19 styles and nine weights including Regular, Bold, Italic, Black, Light, and so on. This typeface has extensive language support including Latin Extended, French, Russian, and many more.

This font family is also popular for its Arabic and Roman alphabets. This is presently available in the Product of Microsoft such as Microsoft Word. The styling of the typeface is quite similar to the Telsa font. This is also highly used on many notable websites and many other Organizations adopted this font for their regular designs.

What Is Frutiger Font Used For?

There are a huge number of prominent places where this typeface has been used such as The University of Southern California is using this typeface as an official font for their official tasks. Another famous company “Connextions uses this typeface. Alcatel-Lucent is also using this typeface for its high-quality logo designs.

Due to its clean and classic geometric characters, it is the most suitable font for your designs and text designs. It is too great for small text and long texts as well. You can utilize this font for your Headlines, Titles, Content, Invoices, Quotes, general reports, Articles, Post descriptions, Powerpoint Presentations, Store/Hotel/Building names, and plenty of more places.

Frutiger Font

You can also make many interesting designs with the use of this typeface because of its clean and attractive look such as Logo designs, Banners, Business cards, Greeting Cards, Brochure layouts, Website and Blog designs, App development, Social Media posts, Advertisements, Printing projects, Branding Projects, Product Packaging, and so on.

Download Frutiger Font Free

You can download a freeware version of this typeface that can be perfectly utilized in all your personal and private projects then click on the below download button to download it on your devices. However, for commercial purposes, you must talk to its designer.

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Designers Faqs about Frutiger

What font is similar to Frutiger?

There is a huge list of typefaces that is similar to this typeface but you can use Hind Font as the best alternative to Frutiger Font.

What is Frutiger font used for?

It was specially designed for the Charles De Gaulle Airport. Now, it is a high-demanded font of brands like Telefonica 02, DHL, British Royal Navy, and Raytheon. This font has a very clean look and is great on small texts.

Is Frutiger an Adobe font?

It was a regular member of the Adobe fonts before many years ago but it is no more available on Adobe. You should buy its license before using it in any commercial project.

Who created the Frutiger font?

This is a humanist sans-serif typeface family that was designed by Adrain Fruiter for the Charles De Gaulle Airport “Paris”. He is also famous for many other typeface like Univers font and many more.

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