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Clearview font is a high legible humanist sans serif typeface that was used for guide signboards on the roads of the USA, Canada, Indonesia, and also Israel, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. It is also known for Clearview Hwy font, designed by Donald Meeker James Montalbano. Basically, developed by independent researchers with the aid of Pennsylvania and Texas Transportation institutes, taking supervision from the Federal Highway Administration.

After the initial experiments, it proves that this amazing typeface is 2 to 8 percent more legible for both day and night-time viewing than other signs, especially for older drivers, It has increased 6 percent increased legibility in long distances. This amazing sans serif typeface is more suitable for display and even on print media. It is specially designed for chunky texts, headlines, and titles.

This font family contains a huge set of 13 styles, and each style has all case letters, numbers, general punctuations, symbols, updated icons, and many special characters, suitable for logos, posters, quotes, products, brands, and so on. You can free download this superlative design for free but only for personal uses.

Clearview Font Sketch

Clearview Font

Clearview Font Free Download

If you need a freeware version of this typeface that is free from all the license issues while using it for your personal projects then click on the below download button to get it on your operating systems.

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Some Advanced Uses of Clearview Font

Being the most legible typeface and providing a clear appearance to small text, make it very suitable for any display and printing project. It can be used for signage, logos designs, emblems, video games graphics, brochure layouts, website templates, book covers, print on fabrics like T-shirt designs, Billboards, Business and Invitation cards, Product packaging, Apparel, Branding projects, and webpages. You can also get hands-on with this typeface with the pairing of Brothers font.

Moreover, if you need a typeface that gives a humanistic touch to your texture content then this font is for you. It is also great for headlines, titles as well as small texts. It is also highly used for Powerpoint presentations, quotes, and Newspaper headings. You can also use it for Youtube thumbnails because of its high-quality look.

There is also an online font generator tool that possesses hundreds of text effects and many colors, perfect for converting your simple text into graphics.


The font license allows you for personal use only, if you want to make it more beneficial for everywhere you want then purchase its license and make it accessible to your commercial, digital, and printing projects.

Generally Asked Questions!

What font is Clearview?

This is a humanist sans serif typeface that is also known as ClearviewHWy. It is highly used for signs on the road of New York, Sri Lanka, and Canada.

Is Clearview font free?

This is a freeware typeface that can be used for personal and private projects. In the case of any commercial or official uses, then it is highly demanded a license.

Who designed the Clearview font?

This is a sans serif typeface, a most legible font even for long distances. The designer of this typeface is Donald Meeker, James Montalbano.

What is the closest font to the Clearview font?

This typeface has many more similar fonts like FF Mark Font that you can find on the internet but the high Gothic font is the most similar and alternative to this amazing sans serif typeface.

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