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Chiller Font is a classic TrueType typeface that came into being by Andrew Smith, a British designer who is known for his classic work in the field of designing. The font was designed by keeping in mind all the tiny details in order to make it a legible typeface. It has been originated carefully by taking the maximum time; that’s why it turned out to be a perfect font to be used in different projects.

If we talk about language support, surprisingly, it supports more than 60 languages.  Interestingly this typeface carries a category of 3D font and has the capital and small letters. It carries 244 glyphs that you can use free of cost for your personal work projects. Even on small screens, this typeface gives an inspiring appearance and makes the small-size texts readable and understandable when this is paired with the watch font.

It also has a Chiller Font Generator that lets you design unlimited beautiful Chiller Font Poster, Logos, and Banners totally free of cost. Another function of this generator is to make the downloaded fonts web-safe so that you can use them excessively in your projects without any compatibility issue. The tool is entirely free to use, and it doesn’t demand font installation in the system.

Chiller Font History

Chiller Font originated many years ago after detailed planning and working. It is a legible font that even goes best on small size texts. A British designer got his hands on this font for the first time under ITC Corporation and is considered the best font for modern typography. It has a large font family that makes this typeface versatile. Andrew Smith has given a unique touch of modernism to this typeface.

You can also use different alternatives to this typeface that carries many similarities. For instance, you can use Againts Font, Linotype Dropink, and others if you don’t want to use Chiller font. Andrew is already known for designing modern fonts. For many years he remained in the designing field and earned huge fame with his masterpieces in the form of typefaces.

Chiller Font
Chiller Font

It provides clean touch to the design and makes it appreciatable. Many designers have used this typeface in their designs and gave satisfactory remarks. You can also use this extended font family in order to make your design successful.

Font Information

NameChiller Font
Designer Andrew Smith
FoundryITC Linotype
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1995
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Chiller Font

Chiller Font is extensively used both for professional and personal purposes. Since its release, it has been used in every possible place, and its popularity is not limited to a specific region. Because of supporting international languages, people across the globe have applied and still applying this typeface in their work.

It consists of different weights, including medium, Regular, Italic, etc and all of them can be used with chewy font. Let’s point out those platforms where you can use this font.

1- Websites

Whatever website you are running right now, use this font in order to make it legible. The font is designed after taking each element into consideration, so you can always consider this font for modern websites. Furthermore, you can use this font for small size texts as it makes the design prominent and readable.

2- Entertainment

If you are running a Youtube channel and can’t decide which font to use on Thumbnails, here is a perfect recommendation for you. This font is widely used for the entertainment niche and can be utilized for movie and series titles as well.

3- Transportation

Transportation platforms always require a font that has the highest legibility; hence Chiller Font is the perfect choice for this purpose. You can use this font on different billboards so that people find it easy to understand what’s written even from a distance.

4- Others

There are many other places where you can pick this font. For instance, use this font with Runen Font on Layouts, Cover pages, books, Titles, Headings, Banners, Posters, Assignments, Digital work, Printing projects, and all such places where you want to grab the maximum attention. It is a versatile typeface that definitely fulfills your requirement regarding the font and design.

Chiller Font View

Chiller Font View
Chiller Font View

Similar Fonts to Chiller

  • Smack
  • Linotype Dropink
  • Sucu
  • Carumba
  • Near Myth
  • Arlt
  • ITC Jaft
  • Alias Didot

License Information

The font license is available on many reliable platforms from where you can buy at a limited cost. Once you have purchased the license, you are free to use this typeface everywhere you want. The licensing authority allows you to use the font for commercial and non-commercial projects.

Chiller Font Free Download

Chiller font is free to be downloaded for your personal and non-profitable work projects. The link is provided in this guide that will let you download the font asap. However, if you want to extend the usage, there is a simple way for you. Buy the license and make every project worth appreciating.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Chiller Font?

Chiller Font is a classic Truetype font that came into being after deep designing and analysis. Each and every element is being designed after thorough analysis. Hence, it is one of the highly professional fonts that you can consider for your designing projects.

Is Chiller Font Free for Commercial Use?

Chiller Font is a free font only for your personal work. If the font is downloaded into your system, you can use it for your personal and non-profitable projects. For commercial purposes, you need to go for its paid version. Purchase the license and start using the font on every big and small level.

Who Designed Chiller Font?

A British typeface designer Andrew Smith who is known for designing many typefaces, is the man behind designing this modern and perfect typeface.

What Is Chiller Font Generator?

It is an online tool that is used for different reasons. It is free of cost online tool that lets you create Chiller font Posters and Logos easily without downloading the font in the system. Furthermore, it makes the fonts web-safe that you download from the internet.

Where Can Chiller Font Be Used?

There are various platforms where this font makes a meaningful appearance. It is a modern and legible typeface that makes the content readable so you can use the font in websites, Logos, Headings, Banner, Advertisements, Official work, Designing projects, small-size texts, and many other places.

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