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Hello designers, Brandon Text Font is a member of the famous Brandon Grotesque typeface family. This sans-serif typeface was designed by Hannes von Döhren. He released this typeface in 2012. Its x-height is higher than the other Grotesque version and it is also suitable for long texts, screens, and small sizes.

This sans-serif font contains 6 weights and matching italics. This typeface has been inspired by the geometric-style sans-serif typefaces of 1920 and 1930s, and these geometric sans-serif fonts have optically corrected for good legibility.

This typeface with a multi-functional look and with a warm touch that great work together with Brandon Grotesque Font. This typeface can use freely for all commercial designing projects with having an adobe account.

Brandon Text Font

Ways to use Brandon Text Font

This typeface is specially optimized for screens, so it will be an ideal font for websites, apps, and ebooks. As extensive supporting languages, this font is using by many corporations and companies on their websites and offices purposes.

You can also use this typeface for all your designs projects such as logo designs, brouchor layouts, banners, posters, book covers, product packaging, branding projects, promotion, and publishing purposes, business and invitation card designs, and many more

This font is also perfect for any text design and you can make your headlines more attractive and attractive with the use of this font. It can be also used in documentation, reports, titles, and even in printing projects.

How Can I Get Brandon Text Font

If you are looking for a free version of this ultra-modern typeface then click on the below download button to get this typeface for all your personal projects. For commercial projects, you will have to purchase its paid version.

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Significant FAQs about Brandon Text Font

What typeface is similar to Brandon Text?

We have researched and found many similar fonts to this font such as Brandon Grotesque Font and Josefin Sans Font.

Is Brandon Text free for personal use?

Yes definitely, this is a freeware typeface that can easily use in all your personal projects. But if you want to utilize it in your commercial projects then you will have to purchase its license.

What font goes well with Brandon Text?

There are many fonts that well goes with this typeface like Adelle Font Font, Adobe Caslon Font, Open Sans Font, FF Tisa Font, Roboto Slab Font, Merriweather Font, and Helvetica Neue font.

What Google font is similar to Brandon Text?

You can find various similar fonts in Google fonts but I have found Lato Font is the closest to Brandon Text within google fonts.

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