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Rockwell Font is a typeface that belongs to the slab serif category that originated under the supervision of Frank Hinman Pierpont, an engineer, and designer who belonged to America. He worked for an American company Monotype Corporation for many years till his death. The font released in 1934 under the Monotype Corporation and soon started being used by every other designer.

This slab serif typeface is a perfect recommendation of the geometric typeface. It was designed to be used on display for small size texts instead of being used on the text body. It is a legible typeface that makes the text readable and understandable, especially small-size. All strokes of this font pop up with the same width size and can be paired with Sultan Serif Font.

Other than that, it comprises a tool that can be utilized in different ways. For instance, the tool is used to design unlimited Rockwell Font designs for those who don’t want to download this typeface. You can also preview the generated designs and Logos before saving them. Furthermore, with that tool, you can make the download Rockwell font web-safe in order to use the font maximum times in different places.

Rockwell Font History

In the early 1930s, this font came on the surface, and in no time, it captured everyone’s attention with its distinguished characters and an extended font family. Many designers used this font in their projects in different ways that gave them a pleasant experience. The font comprises Litho Antique cast by an American foundry Inland Type foundry.

At the start, the font had limited characters and versions, but with time, many improvements and changes were made in order to make it a complete package. One of the versions of this font is Geometric Slabserif 712. You can surely get along with this typeface in different projects because of comprising different versions and weights. One of the typefaces, the cormorant font, also originated that was completely based on this font. It was designed by another notable typeface designer Vernon Adams.

History of Rockwell Font
History of Rockwell Font

Rockwell font also comprises many alternatives that you can put in your projects. For instance, the fonts that contain the most similarities with Rockwell include Geometric Slabserif 703 and others. It enjoyed popularity for many years, and even today, designers never hesitate to consider this font in their work. This legible typeface can make any size text readable, so what could be better than that?

It comprises a complete typeface family and different weights including Extra Bold, Condensed, Shadow, etc.

Font Information

NameRockwell Font
DesignerFrank Hinman Pierpont
FoundryMonotype Imaging
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1934
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Rockwell Font

Its been many decades since this typeface released, so it has surely been utilized in many projects and has made many projects successful with its unique and distinguished features. You can also use this typeface in your commercial and non-commercial projects in order to make it legible and understandable with the pair of courier new font. Let’s discuss those platforms where you can make use of Rockwell freely without any second thought.

1- Guinness World Record

In the early 1990s, the Guinness World Record used this typeface in one of their editions that proved to be the biggest achievement of this typeface. After that, its popularity increased, and more designers started noticing this typeface. Because of being a legible typeface, it captured all the attention for all the right reasons.

2- Expo 86

The next notable platform where this font made a solid appearance was Expo 86, held in Columbia. The Rockwell font was extensively used for many years on this platform.

3- Docklands Light railway

It is a popular light Metro System in London that originated in 1987. Previously soria serif font was being used, but later they switched to Rockwell typeface and started using one of the weights, Bold Rockwell typeface. For many years they used this font.

4- Tall Lighthouse

The other one on the list is the UK Publishing house, where this font was excessively used. In all the books, they used this font and even later utilized it on their website too.

5- Others

There are many other places and platforms where this font can clearly be used. You can consider this font for your website, Displays, Banners, Texts, Advertisements, and every possible place. Its feature of being a legible typeface has increased its worth to another level.

Rockwell Font View

Rockwell Font View
Rockwell Font View

Rockwell Font Family (Includes 9 Styles)

  1. Rockwell Light
  2. Rockwell Light Italic
  3. Rockwell Roman
  4. Rockwell Bold
  5. Rockwell Bold Italic
  6. Rockwell Extra Bold
  7. Rockwell Condensed
  8. Rockwell Bold Condensed
  9. Rockwell Italic

Similar Fonts to Rockwell

  • Memphis
  • Geometric Slabserif
  • Venus Egyptienne
  • Stymie
  • Beton
  • EF Stratford
  • ITC Officina Serif

License Information

You can get your hands on the license of this typeface easily from different websites. Buy the license and start using the font freely for your commercial projects too. It is clearly an ideal choice to be used in your projects. The font can be downloaded in different formats.

Rockwell Font free Download

If you want to download this font free of cost, then from the given link, you can make it down. However, with that link, you can also make your personal projects appealing. Its free version is only limited to non-commercial projects.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Rockwell Font?

It is a slab serif typeface that originated in the early 1930s under Monotype Corporations and the supervision of an American typeface designer Frank Hinman Pierpont. It is one of the highly recommended typefaces and has been designed for Displays.

Is Rockwell Font Free for Commercial Purposes?

It was designed under Monotype corporation, so it is not entirely free. You can get facilitated with its free version only for your personal projects. In order to extend the usage, go for its paid version and buy the license.

What Is Rockwell Font Generator?

It is a tool being used excessively by designers who want to design Rockwell posters, Logos, etc. It let you create Rockwell designs excessively without font downloading. It also makes the typeface web-safe, which’s why it is widely used.

Is Rockwell Font worth using?

It Is Surely One of The Highly Used Fonts Since It Releases. You Can Always Consider This Typeface for Different Typeface Projects and On Different Platforms.

Where Can Rockwell Font Be Used?

If you look at the past, it was used on many notable platforms. Guinness world of record also experimented with this typeface in the 1990s. You can utilize it on your websites, Displays, and other places.

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