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Serif fonts are one of the commonly endorsed typefaces because of easy to read and comprehend. You might have seen them in different printing projects unreasonably. One of the widely used serif fonts is the Algerian font that has an extensive font family including different styles, weights, and characters. Alan Meeks and Philip Kelly designers put together this beautiful typeface. It is free to use in your projects.

At the start of the 20th century, the public got to undergo this font. An engineering company located in software termed Stephenson Blake brought out this font. However, Linotype, United States corporation retained this font. It falls under Decorative classification and is a fun typeface to implement in projects. You can surely experience a lot of traits of this font.

For the first time, when this font came on the surface, it only had capital letters; however, after the increasing acclaim, they introduced many other versions along with lower case letters from a to z. You can surely give your projects a considerable boost after applying this fantastic typeface with slash display font. Let’s go back to the history of this font to know how large the font family has been developed till now.

Algerian Font History

Its been many decades since the public is holding this typeface in their different projects and have always shown adequate results. Since 1988, Algerian font has made many screen presence. One of the versions of Algerian font provided in 1993 named URW is said to be an overused font and a default font of Microsoft office. In the start, the designer didn’t feel the need to design its lower case letters, so he only came with upper case letters.

After a few years, to originate Algerian Mesa, an Algerian font, they produced lower case letters too. Till 2017, the font family reached 144 styles with the addition of many weights, including Bold, outline, light, and other Italic weights and all these can be used with comfortaa font. Fontmesa originated its other new version and named it Tavern. In 2020, Fontmesa came with other 2 weights involving black and extra bold.

History of Algerian Font
History of Algerian Font

The same year Fontmesa decided to issue another version and named it Bayside Tavern. It is how many versions have been released until now that made this font more obtainable and worth using. You can also take help from the Algerian font Generator to make more and more Algerian font designs free of cost. Designers take complete advantage of this tool that is available online.

Font Information

NameAlgerian Font
DesignerPhilip Kelly, Alan Meeks
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released1953
LicenseCommercial Font
TypeFree Version

Usage of Algerian Font

With unlimited weights, styles, and versions, the designers didn’t lose the possibility to implement this font in their work in one way or another. In different big and small corporations and companies, it was featured with total confidence. Logos is the leading platform where this font was highly appreciated.

Patrón Tequilas, a notable brand, used this font on the logo of their products, from where this font took heavy recognition. You have thousands of other options or spots where you can utilize this serif typeface with slime box font for websites, banners, ads, packaging, etc. It appears beautifully on the screen and has a perfect screen appearance.

Algerian Font View

Algerian Font View
Algerian Font View

Algerian Font Family (Includes 2 Typeface)

  1. Algerian Regular
  2. Algerian Condensed

Similar Fonts to AlgerianFont

License Information

You can easily attain the font license if you want to enhance the use. The unlimited versions, weights, and styles of this font can be used in your big and small projects after taking complete authority. You can get the license easily after the complete authority of the font.

Algerian font Free Download

You can use this complete set of font-family free of cost by downloading the link. If the font is available in your system, you can enjoy this typeface conveniently. Downloading link is available below that will let you enjoy this font.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I Get Algerian Font Free of Cost?

You can surely get this font free of cost but with limited use. However, you can get all the attributes of this font, including all the weights, styles, and versions, after buying the license.

What Is Algerian Font?

Algerian font is a serif decorative font that took the world to storm in the 20th century when this font was produced. It has grown to a complete font family in all these years. It is one of the thoroughly claimed typefaces of the serif font family.

Where You Can Use Algerian Font?

You can also use this font on such a platform excessively. Furthermore, you can apply any style or version of this font with arvo font on websites, Titles, banners, packaging, and many other spots.

Who Designed the Algerian Font?

Alan Meeks and Philip Kelly designers gave a beautiful shape to this masterpiece many years ago. Later, many designers worked on this typeface and released different versions.

What Type of Font Is Algerian?

It is a decorative serif font. Linotype retained this font while Stephenson Blake corporation released this font.

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