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Beauty and the beast font is another highly used and notable font that arose many years ago and since then it is being highlighted in many programs and designing projects. It is a beautiful Script Brush typeface that was designed by Francis John S. Villo. It comprises many characters and appealing upper and lower case letters that make this typeface a flawless choice for various typeface projects.

The free version of this font is enriched with many characters and alphabets that you can use in your projects without any licensing issues. It is designed to be used both for Mac and Windows. Script fonts are known for being handwritten fonts that are mainly designed to be applied in Display instead of being used in the text body but you can pair this typeface with desire script font this can be used in different designs. Hence, if you want to give a handwritten touch to your design, Beauty and the Beast is here for you.

Beauty and the beast font Generator is another option that lets you make different font designs online without any licensing issue or font downloading issue. You can design as many Logos as you can free of cost with this amazing tool that also makes the font compatible. You can use the tool anywhere you want.

Beauty and the Beast Font History

Beauty and the beast is an old American Disney movie that released in 1991. The movie earned vast acclaim after being released and a wide majority of popularity appreciated it along with the font used on the Logo of that movie. After the massive popularity of movie and font, Beauty and the beast font originated and went viral in no time. Every designer for once used this font in their designs.

The fans who were inspired by the movie and its Logo designed this font later that became a big hit across the globe. People from everywhere use this typeface in their work projects immensely. Though the free version of this typeface can be used by everyone accessible everywhere but in order to get your hands on the paid version, get the licensing access and later go ahead with it on every project.

History of Beauty and the Beast Font
History of Beauty and the Beast Font

For the movie logo, Caslon 540 Roman font was used that instantly made everyone its fan. Furthermore, you can come across many alternatives to this font including Belfast Serial font, desire script font, and many others. It is a family of 3 typefaces including Caslon #540 Std Roman, Caslon #540 Std Roman, and Caslon #540 Std Italic.

Font Information

NameBeauty and The Beast Font
DesignerFrancis John S. Villo
FoundryAmerican Type Founders
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
Date Released2016
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only
TypeFree Version

Usage of Beauty and The Beast Font

If you are working on any project and want to give a greeting feel to the design, you can’t get anyone better font than Beauty and the Beast that is a perfect pick for your website and typeface projects. Want to know more where it can be used or where designers have been using this font since it emerges? Let’s highlight those places and platforms.

1- Websites

You might have observed this typeface being used in websites of different niches. It provides you with a modern and welcoming feel and makes your website appealing and captivating. For personal websites, you can go along with its free version but for commercial websites, first, purchase the license.

2- Logos

The font is specially designed after being stimulated by the logo of beauty and the Beast hence, this font is excessively used for this purpose. For every type of Logo, you can pick this font and make it worth appreciating for more modern look you can use this with silicia script font. It gives a stylish touch to the Logo and people can’t resist appreciating its unique and modern characters. For movie and series Logos, it is worth using.

3- Posters/Displays

As mentioned earlier, script typefaces are mainly designed for Displays hence you can choose this font for such a platform. It makes your posters and Displays welcoming and lets the user appreciate your design. It provides a special handwritten feel to it.

Other than these, you can consider this font for numerous other places i.e Headings, commercial projects, Banners, Advertisements, Handmade shirts, etc. However, it won’t be appropriate to use this font for the text body so avoid using it in such places.

Century Gothic Font View

Beauty and the Beast Font View
Beauty and the Beast Font View

Beauty And The Beast Font Family (Includes 3 Typeface)

  1. Caslon #540 Std Roman
  2. Caslon #540 Std Roman
  3. Caslon #540 Std Italic

Similar Fonts to Beauty and The Beast

  • Zagolovochnaya
  • Savoy
  • Belfast Serial
  • Minion Pro
  • Trola

License Information

The font license is available that you can obtain from its foundry. With the license, you can apply the font in every commercial, Digital, and Printing project.

Beauty and the beast font Free Download

Who wouldn’t want to download this font after all the above-mentioned described features. You can also get its free version in your system from the provided link. Open the link and download it to your system and here you go with the completely free version.

Download Now

Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Beauty and The Beast Font?

Beauty and the beast font is a modern script calligraphy typeface that was designed after getting stimulated with the logo of the movie, Beauty and the beast released in 1991. After the movie releases, it took everyone’s observation, and its fan designed this font.

Is Beauty and The Beast Font Free for Commercial Use?

You can get various characters and letters in its free version that you can use in your personal and non-profit projects. However, for profitable projects, go for its paid version.

How to Use the Beauty and The Beast Font?

If you want to go for its free version, download the link provided above. Once it is installed in your system you can start using it for your personal projects. For extended usage, buy the license first.

Who Designed Beauty and The Beast Font?

Francis John S. Villo designed this stylish and modern font in 2016. The next year in 2017 its font family originated.

What Is Beauty and The Beast Font Generator?

If you have ever used Beauty and the beast font you might have used this online tool for creating this font Logos. It is the best way to make your font agreeable for different browsers so that you can use it more often.

Where Beauty and The Beast Font Can Be Used?

You have various choices in this regard. For instance websites, logos, Headings, posters, banners, etc.

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