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In this post, We are going to introduce the biggest font family known as Abril Fatface Font. This amazing font is a google font and it comes in eighteen styles. It has more than 60 classic characters. The characters of this font have beautiful contrast. It was established by José Scaglione & Veronika Burian and released by TypeTogether.

One side of the character of this font is thin and the other is bold. The thin cursive is perfect for creating astonishing text styles and name designs for different restaurants.  And the bold style of this font is good for headline purposes. It is an open-license font that is useable in printing projects.

This amazing font is also good for display designs because of its unique bold letters. More than fifty languages support this typeface such as Greek, French, Indian, and English. This gorgeous font is also good for pairing with korinna font which belongs to the serif category.

Top Tips to Use Abril Fatface Font

This font is many helpful features and uses that are suitable for different design purposes. It is so famous in Central and Northern Europe due to its elegant look characters. This amazing font is also suitable for different logos designs, banner designs, and attractive poster designs.

You can use this font for advertisement purposes because it was officially used for advertising projects in the 19th century in France and Britain. A lot of graphic designers use this typeface for creating outstanding graphics for many business and commercial purposes.

Abril Fatface Font

This font is also suitable for use in Adobe applications and Canva.  You can also use it for CSS style because it is specified in this function. You can use its copy-and-paste function. This font has many similar fonts that are suitable for pairing but the vineyard vines font is the perfect option for this purpose.

Free Download Abril Fatface Font

If you need a freeware version of this font that is free from all the license issues then click on the below download link and your downloading starts automatically within one second.

Download Now

Frequently Asked Questions Know About Abril Fatface Font!

Is there any similar to Abril Fatface Font?

This gorgeous typeface has many alternatives but the jack daniels font is the perfect similar font due to its slab serif characters.

Who is the manufacturer of the Abril Fatface font?

This amazing typeface was designed by two popular designers known José Scaglione & Veronika Burian and it was published by TypeTogether.

Where we can use Abril Fatface Font?

Due to its unique serif look, this gorgeous typeface is useful for ebook cover design, wall murals, and stylish name designs.

What is the tool generator of Abril Fatface Font?

This interesting tool is a text designing tool that is filled with many colors and it is suitable for creating a number of colorful text graphics.

Is Abril Fatface a free typeface for commercial purposes?

Yes, it’s free for this purpose but the license of this font is required that is available on the font owner’s site.

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