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Here we are sharing with you the new slab serif typeface known as Courier Font. This typeface comes under the category of Monospaced category. The styling of this font has been done by Howard “Bud” Kettler and released in 1956.

After some time this font is redesigned by Adrian Frutiger to make this typeface a perfect choice for the IBM series. There are different variants of this typeface are available that provide a great result when paired with the Dolce Vita Font.

There are many different weights are available in this font that all are great designs and they are famous for their copy and paste function all of them are allowed for commercial usage and their different alternatives are also available.

How to Use Courier Font

This typeface is designed by the famous Howard Bud Kettler and he is a well-known designer who creates great designs that provide great texture to both designs and content.

This font is designed to be used inside the IBM series. When you use this font with Conthrax Font this also used many different tasks such as reports, codes, tabular work, and more.

The Image Preview of Courier Font

Here you can have a look at the view of this font.

Courier Font View - Courier Font Free Download

Courier Font Free Download

To get this font in your system click the below download as this typeface is free for all types of work.

Download Now

More FAQs!

What Type of Font Is Courier?

This is the slab-serif typeface that is designed by Howard Bud Kettler but after some time this was redesigned by different designers.

Is Courier Typeface Free for Commercial Use?

This is a free typeface for its usage the only requirement is to download this font and use that.

What Is Courier Font Generator?

This is a tool that is designed to be used on different browsers and this is used for designing new shapes using this font without downloading this font.

Is Courier Font Worth Using?

There are many different platforms and devices that are using this font and that make this font a worthy typeface.

Where Courier Typeface Can Be Used?

For all types of documentation and also in different types of coding platforms this is a great choice.

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