Pangolin Font Free Download

Pangolin font was designed for the Google Valentine’s day 2017 doodle, Pangolin love. A pangolin is an endangered species native to asia and africa.

This font family many languages that use the latin and cyrillic scripts. The font is a truetype sans serif handwriting style.

Pangolin Font

One thousand units of pangolin font is equal to 1″em”. This font have 109 Glyps in wide variety. Pangolin looks as if a dotted font which can be first-rate in seems.

You could use this font in your unique articles, notes, fashionable net pages and plenty extra. As pangolin is an exquisite looking font so you can use this in printing, emblem texts, shirts styling and so on. You can download this font for free from right here for your personal use.

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Pangolin Font

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