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Introducing a stylish calligraphy font known as Paisley Font. This font has gorgeous look glyphs that are best for its unique appearance. Its bold and thin italic shape swashes are so attractive. NanaNissa is the main designer of this stunning typeface. Its OTF file format is perfect for different personal design purposes.

This typeface is perfect for outstanding calligraphic text design purposes. It comes in 89+ glyphs along with 2048 units per em. Due to its coherent look,  a lot of designers use it for their text designing purposes. This typeface has stylistic alternates, numbers, swashes, and an alphabet.

Its online generator tool facility is also suitable for use in different text graphic design purposes. This font is perfect for pairing with yellowtail font which is a calligraphy font. Its copy-and-paste function is free to use for personal design purposes. The heart design in its letters is suitable for official design purposes.

Download Paisley Font Free

If you need a freeware version of this modern typeface that is free from all the license issues while using it for your projects then click on the below download link to get it on your PC and android devices.

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How to Use Paisley Font?

You can utilize this gorgeous font for making different kinds of name designs, logos designs, and other related official designs. This modern font is suitable for t-shirt designs, blouse designs, and clothes design purposes. It is suitable for creating brochures and images layouts designs.

This font is perfect for increasing the uniqueness and thickness of your text design purposes. You can pick this font for variable and stylish poster designs, banner designs, and some social media profile design purposes. Its beautiful and attractive look is suitable for official Islamic calligraphy designs.

It is suitable to use in web designing, page designing, and app development purposes. This texture has unique visibility that is perfect for postcard designs and so on. The designer can easily pick this font by making pairing it with kingdom hearts font.

Display Image of the Paisley Font

Paisley Font View

People Commonly Ask Questions About the Paisley Font!

Is there any similar font to Paisley Font?

Yes, a huge number of alternative fonts to this typeface are available on our website and the most similar font to this typeface is braveheart script font.

What type of font is Paisley Font?

The main type of this gorgeous typeface is calligraphy and NanaNissa is the main designer of this stunning typeface.

What is the online generator tool of Paisley Font?

This online facility is suitable for making outstanding graphic designs and you can easily use it for personal design purposes.

Is Paisley Font safe to use for the web?

Yes, this modern font is secure to use for different types of website design as well as web page design. It is totally safe to use for all web projects.

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