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In this post, we would discuss a very high-quality typeface that is a family member of Gotham Font. The Gotham Font was initially commissioned by GQ magazine and their editors want a geometric sans-serif typeface that displays a masculine and fresh look for their magazine. The Gotham Medium font family was designed by Hoefler Type Foundry, Inc.

This font family comprises two weights that are Regular and Italic. This font family has been highly used in many commercial media such as Television Shows, Movies, Film festivals Saturday Night Shows, and the Georgia Governor’s Office of customer service. It has TrueType features and many stylistic alternates. It can be also used with the CSS family.

Its regular style provides 226 wonderful glyphs with 1000 units per Em and it has also more than 250 interesting characters including uppercase, lowercase, numerals, general punctuations, icons, currency symbols, and many special characters. Gotham Book font is a family of this font that has useful features. You can download this font free of cost from this website but only for your personal use.

Gotham Medium Font

Reasons Why Gotham Medium Font is Worth Using

There is plenty of places where is used this typeface and many corporations and companies adopted this font for their regular tasks. For making an attractive look rounded design, you can create a pairing of this with its same family font known as Gotham Medium font. GQ magazines used this font for a wide range of magazine designing purposes. It has also been used in many notable places such as Television shows, Publishers, Websites, Movies, Games, and many more.

You can create interesting designs with the help of this typeface such as interesting Logo designs, Posters, Book Covers, Homeware designs, Art designs, Magazines, and Newspapers, Certificate designs, Banners, Brochure layouts, Templates, Emblems, Catalogs, Business, and Invitation cards, and so on.

It is also a perfect font for your headlines and titling and you can utilize this in all your office tasks such as daily reports, invoices, Powerpoint Presentations, Content, Articles, and even for documentation purposes. The family of this font is Gotham Narrow font which is perfect for use in similar text design purposes.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions!

What font is similar to Gotham medium?

You can find many similar fonts to the Gotham Medium font like Montserrat Font, Nexa Light, Nexa Bold, Pier Sans Font, Raleway Font, Vision Font, and Museo Sans Font.

What type of font is Gotham Medium?

This is belonging to the geometric sans-serif family that is known as the Gotham font. The designer of this font is a notable designer Hoefler Type Foundry, Inc. It has 2 weights including Italic and Regular.

What is the Gotham Medium Text Generator?

This is a free online tool that can be used for an instant design and you can also convert your simple text into graphics via this tool. It doesn’t need to download on your devices.

Is Gotham medium a free font?

Yes, this is a completely free font for your private projects and it doesn’t need any license. However, for commercial uses, you must talk to its designer.

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