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Introducing BlackPink Font, we must share the details about the Blackpink, this is a South Korean girl group that was formed by YG Entertainment. This group launched on 8 August and 2016 with their single album named Square One. It is a great album that got tremendous on the surface of the globe and it is liked by millions of viewers.

The title of the album was another impressive thing that has been noticed by many designers and they started the font using in their regular designs. The font setting the album title of the above portion is probably some version of Helvetica font and the font that was used on their logo of this album is very similar to a geometric sans-serif typeface that is known as Primetime and it was founded by Hypefonts foundry. This typeface is also famous for its copy-paste functions.

It is a very stunning typeface due to its cubic corner which was specially designed for commercial purposes that’s why it is the most famous font for marketing purposes. This typeface has great OpenType and TrueType features along with 220 soft bold characters including all cases, numbers, huge language characters support including Latin, French and Cyrillic characters.

Analyze the Elements of Blackpink Font

Blackpink Font

Why Blackpink Font is a Great Option For Designers?

Due to its clean and soft design, it is very popular among designers and is also highly used for official purposes but you must purchase this font before using it in such type projects. It is also great eligibility on print and display screens. You can also use this font for office tasks such as general reports, articles, post descriptions, project presentations, and Quotes.

This font generator is another useful tool for quick design purposes without downloading on your operating systems. You can convert your simple text into graphics with hundreds of text effects and many different colors.

For designing, there are a huge list of designs where you can fit this font for example:-

  • Logo designs
  • Branding projects
  • Movie posters
  • Video game titling
  • Fashion designs
  • Magazine covers
  • Newspapers
  • Website and App development
  • Web content
  • Resume templates
  • Official Documents
  • Banners and Business cards

The Versatile Blackpink Font: Download it for Free

If you are searching for a free version of this typeface that can be easily utilized without any license requirement then hit the below download button to get it on your PC without wasting any second.

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What is the font of BLACKPINK?

Blackpink is a South Korean girl group that this group was debuted in August 2016 with a famous album named Square One. There are two fonts used on the title of this album that is Helvetica and Primetime Font.

Is Blackpink Font is free for commercial use?

Not at all, you must purchase its license from any authorized website if you want to fully access the font’s features and characters. But we have a free version on this website that can be used in your personal projects.

What is the closest font to the Blackpink Font?

There are many similar sans-serif typefaces to this typeface like Rubik Font and so on but the most similar font is Mond Font.

How can we get Blackpink Font?

Check your PC details and then go to the download section of this website and get the font with a single click without wasting any second.

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