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Barbie font is another finest typeface designed for the logo of Barbie doll. Ruth Handler designed this elegant typeface in the late 1950s and gave a special and unique typeface to the designers to use. However, many changes occur to the logo of the Barbie font till now. Currently, the font applied to the logo is cursive and a handwritten font. Furthermore, there is no close match of Barbie doll font.

The previous Barbie font was quite similar to Barbie Medium contain many resemblance and likeness. It is stated that the Dollie script font is the actual font used on the Barbie logo and it is similar to The Secret Script Font . You can also bring many catchy barbie font designs with the help of the Barbie font Generator tool. This tool is being used for a long time for this purpose.

Barbie Font History

Many years ago, an American toy company generated a beautiful barbie doll that became the centre of attention. The selling rate of the doll became huge and huge. However, people also couldn’t resist appreciating the Barbie logo. In 1959, this font came into consideration. From the start to date, many changes have occurred to the logo.

History of Barbie Font
History of Barbie Font

The font used on the current logo is a script typeface that is a handwritten font. However, it is said that Barbeque Script Font similar to the current barbie font.

Font Information

NameBarbie Font
TypeMåns Grebäck
File FormatOpentype & Truetype
LicenseAllowed for Personal Use
TypeFree Version

Usage of Barbie Font

You can use this stylish handwritten typeface in your different projects and products excessively. There are many platforms that would be suitable for this typeface. For instance, you can use the font on different Logos, including Games, company, movies etc. Furthermore, you can apply this font with desire script font to your websites, banners, billboards, invitation cards, designs, and many other platforms.

Script fonts are always fun to apply to a design as they make the design look appealing. Hence, the Barbie font does the same work. You can always count this font in your designs.

Barbie Font View

Barbie Font View
Barbie Font View

Similar Fonts to Barbie Font

  • Another Brush Pen
  • Barbie Medium Italic
  • Dollie Script
  • Ventography
  • KillCrazy BB Italic
  • Press Darling Expanded It
  • Akiba Punx 2 Bold Italic
  • Shin Akiba Punx

License Information

For further use, you need a license that would allow you to use the font anywhere you want. Once you get the license you can start applying the font in your commercial, printing and other projects. However, a license is a must for extended use.

Barbie font Free Download

You can get your hands on this font free of cost if you want to obtain it for your personal and unpaid work. Click the given link and download the font step by step.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Font Is the Barbie Font?

Dollie script font is used on the logo of Barbie. Both have resemblance and are said to be identical typefaces.

How Can I Get Barbie Font?

For your personal work, you need to click the link that will help you to download the font in your system. The process requires a few simple steps to follow.

Is Barbie Font Free for Commercial Use?

You can use the font free but be limited to your personal work only. For further use, you need a license that will let you apply the font in all your required places.

Where Can You Use Barbie Font?

You can use this font with the pair of coneria script font in numerous places including websites, designs, banners, invites, official work, ads, trading, printing and display work.

Who Designed the Barbie Font?

Ruth Handler designed this beautiful script typeface in 1959. He was a notable typeface designer.

What Is Barbie Font Generator?

It is an online tool that assists to make different shapes of Barbie font without font downloading restriction. You can create many text-based font shapes with this tool without charges. Furthermore, it makes the download font well-matched with the browser so that you can use the font easily.

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