PT Serif Font Family Free Download

Today we are again going to share one of the best font. PT Serif font family is widely used around the world and designers would love to use them in their designs. Its complete name is Para type and it was invented in 11998. Paratype turned into set up in 1998 as a successor to the paragraph international type branch. After it, the Pt sans serif font got a lot of designers attraction.

It’s mostly used in business cards and magazine designs. The business enterprise develops and distributes multi lingual typefaces. That guide the Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, and Georgian scripts. It was one of the biggest inventions fonts for business cards as it can turn your ordinary looking business cards into unique designs.

PT Serif Font Family Free

Different graphic designers will use PT Serif fonts family and highly recommend everyone to use it in their designs for making them more unique and professional. A specialist in guide TrueType hinting, para type offers exquisite hinting services to different kind designers. The maximum popular para type tasks include pragmatics, pt serif, and circle.

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PT Serif Font Family

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