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Halis Grotesque Font is a rounded Sans-serif typeface family that was designed by Turkish typeface designer Ahmet Altun and released this typeface in 2012. This font family comprises eight weights including regular and italic. The font name meaning is “Pure, clean, decent”.

This font family also has a new Turkish Lira Sign and also an alternative ampersand produced by Prof Halis Biçer. He is also famous in Turkey for his work in calligraphy, typography, and graphic design.

Because of this, the font’s name is engraved with a dedication to the respectful Halis Bicer. This font family has spaces between characters that are wide enough and perfectly legible at very small sizes.

With the help of this font family, you can create stunning designs for your websites such as logo designs, banners, presentations, and body copy. This font family also perfectly works in print formats including T-shirt designs, mug designs, business cards, gift cards, greeting cards, magazines, and many more.

Because of its more open characters, it omits a great impression on the text design like paragraphs, general reports, documentation, invoices, bills, and post descriptions. If you are a Youtuber then it can also work for your thumbnails and many artistic designs.

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Halis Grotesque Font

Download Halis Grotesque Font Free

If you want this typeface for your personal projects then click on the below “Download Now” button to get it on your PC. But for commercial purposes, you must purchase its paid version.

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Family of Halis Grotesque Font

  • Halis GR Regular
  • Halis GR Regular Italic
  • Halis GR Book
  • Halis GR Book Italic
  • Halis GR Thin
  • Halis GR Thin Italic
  • Halis GR ExtraLight
  • Halis GR ExtraLight Italic
  • Halis GR Light
  • Halis GR Light Italic
  • Halis GR Medium
  • Halis GR Medium Italic
  • Halis GR Bold
  • Halis GR Bold Italic
  • Halis GR Black
  • Halis GR Black Italic


What Type of Font Is Halis Grotesque?

This font is a member of the sans-serif typeface family. The designer of this astonishing typeface is a Turkish typeface designer Ahmet Altun. He released this typeface for public use in 2012.

What’s the Closest Font to Halis Grotesque?

You can find many similar fonts to this marvelous font but the closest font on the web is Brandon Grotesque Font and the features of this typeface are mostly similar to this font.

Can I Use Halis Grotesque Font on My Website?

Yes, without any worry, you can use this typeface on your websites and you can make your website more attractive with the use of this typeface.

Is Halis Grotesque free?

Yes, this typeface is a completely free font for personal projects only. In the case of commercial design projects, you should purchase its premium version.

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