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Today we have got an amazing free Typeface font available to download free. Introducing Corbel Font. This is one of the best fonts for creating social media profiles.

In a blurb for its use, Corbel was described as “designed to offer an uncluttered, clean look on the monitor. The letterforms are open with tender, flowing curves.

It’s legible and clear at small sizes. At greater sizes, the detailing and kind of the shapes are more apparent. Font designer Raph Levien, reviewing it for Typographica.

The italic form is a true italic, with influences from serif fonts and calligraphy, with many letters gaining a tail pointing to the proper.  described it as just like Truetype.

Corbel Font

Many facets of its design are much like most best font Calibri and Candara, that are additionally humanist sans-serif designs; like them, it’s reasonably more condensed than natural.

Tankard described his goals within the household’s design: “I desired to maneuver far from the round i-dot sans fonts we have seen plenty of not too long ago. less cuddly, extra assertive. I wanted the italic to be expressive, not a sloped roman.

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Corbel Font - Corbel Font Free Download

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