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Susan Kare designed the elegant Chicago font typeface for the Apple brand. This typeface is used in the operating system and is a very important element of the Apple brand.

This city font designed by way of Wagga Swistblnk has uneven edges, giving it a texture paying homage to brush calligraphy. Ideal for all types of visually innovative projects. This extended serif has a Maiandra with large curves and laughs glyphs.

Those professionally designed sans serifs paintings incredible for body replica. They also work properly in publishing title photographs as do the show fonts. Have a laugh with those!!

This movie typeface emulates text written with a felt pen, extensive nib pen, and a scalpel knife in 3 one-of-a-kind angular typefaces. The letters are close to every difference, giving them a natural, heat feeling.

Stimulated by way of Mexican Tuscan lettering, Rockwell font is ideal for ambitious headlines. Best for all kinds of visually innovative initiatives, the band font comes with ligatures and decorative factors to apply in elegant designs.

Selfie is a related sans based totally on antique signage scripts. The times’ font itself, a fine-boned classic Future adorned with artwork deco-stimulated swirls, was stimulated by way of a not likely muse: the Caribbean cockroach.

Chicago Font Family

Chicago Font is an elegant sans-serif typeface family meant for headings and any other large size usage, paired with a condensed sans-serif font. Charcoal is a contemporary nonlinear script this is based on the assessment among classical (stunning) calligraphy and fast jotted manuscript.

It’s chameleonic and mesmerizing to observe in movement and the result could make all and sundry’s typing look like the work of a practiced fashion designer.  A classic and heavy Ukiran font perfect for beauty, style, and way of life blogs.

It is used in the iPod interface and you can also use it in making vector images. Download it.
Download Now Chicago Font

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