Bernard MT Condensed Font Family Free Download

Introducing Bernard MT Condensed Font Family. We got this font in all available for 100% free for our website users. This free font is created by Agfa Monotype Corporation.

Superb many top-notch types, inclusive of one called Bernhard Antiqua schmalfette (schmalfette means “formidable condensed” in German), got here from the Bauer foundry.

The version is comparable to the schmalfette version from Bauer. Because in truth first got here from TrueType in 1926 with its particular spelling as Bernard.

Bernard mt condensed is one of a set of typefaces because evolved during the first 20 or 30 years of this century, yet it retains a few affinities with the natural varieties of the art nouveau motion.

Bernard MT Condensed Font Family

Typically, those typefaces are black, because making them suitable for display and poster paintings.  Use it in situations where you need to get interested because whilst maintaining an informal tone.

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BERNARD MT CONDENSED - Bernard MT Condensed Font Family Free Download

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