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Avenir Next font is a good choice for graphics designing work.  The initial release of the typeface was in 1988. After the release of this font, it suddenly got popularity as it was one of the best sans-serif font out there that many designers have liked and used in their web designing and graphics projects.

In 1988, the Swiss typeface designer first offered Avenir next condensed to the public. Which already at that time marked an exquisite alternative to other widely known typefaces such as Futura or Avant-garde.

You can easily give a new shape to your web design projects. It comes in many different styles like medium, italic and thin. It can be easily used in different designs to give a unique shape to your designs. We highly recommend this font to use in your business projects.

Avenir was at the beginning released with 6 weights for which Frutiger had carefully decided on the increments in line thickness. In typographical practice, however, this proved to be a prescribing component, in conjunction with the missing formidable weights.

As a result, the authentic capacity of Avenir next font as a modern-day typeface didn’t be identified. It can be also downloaded in many different formats like otf, ttf, Woff and zip formats.

Avenir Next Font Free

Avenir Next font is part of the platinum series and comes in four typeface units. It also has its parent design Avenir font as well as it comes in regular, italic, condensed and condensed italic, every equipped with 6 one-of-a-kind stem weights. All 24 weights include genuine small caps and antique style figures.

If you are really looking for something unique and creative then you don’t need to look further. Because Avenir next font comes with almost all type of features that you need to use in your design in upcoming projects.

If you know how to take care of your design elements then using a font like Avenir next is something that any designer out there can consider. There are many sans-serif fonts like univers font but no font can beat the design and professional look that this font give to your graphic design projects.

There are many reasons to use this awesome font. We are going to list some of them. One of the biggest reason for using this font is that it will make your fonts styles more professional. Because using a unique font is always better than using an ordinary font.

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Avenir Next Font

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