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Trade Gothic Font is a grotesque sans-serif typeface designed by Jackson Burke in 1948. It has been a popular font for years in books, magazines, and newspapers and has recently started to see widespread use on the web as well.

Trade Gothic is available in three weights light, regular and bold version. Each with matching italics as well as various condensed versions. The Arabic version of Amnesty’s logo uses the Atrissi Al-Ghad font.

Trade Gothic is more irregular than many other sans-serif families that came later, especially later ones like Helvetica and Univers.

This variety is often popular with designers who feel that it creates a more characterful effect. As it can also be the best alternative to avenir font family out there.

The Trade Gothic font is often seen in advertising and multimedia in combination with roman text fonts, and the condensed versions are popular in the newspaper industry for headlines.

Trade Gothic Font Free

Trade Gothic font complex history has left it with several unexpected features.

For instance, in some digital releases, the default bold weight is more condensed than the regular weight, Along with its design univers font is another best font that can be use it. With a wider bold offered as an alternative.

The most important change was to remove the inconsistencies found in the original family. Other reworked designs include terminals, stroke endings, the spacing, and the kerning.

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