Traditional Arabic Font Free Download

Traditional Arabic Font

Traditional Arabic font is the simple and modern font typeface that creates unique and elegant designs. You can use this beautiful typeface in printing, packaging, posters and logos designs. All characters have a less than excellent shape that offers a …

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Fabulous 50s Font Family Free Download

Fabulous 50s Font

Fabulous 50s Font is the modern and beautiful font family that is perfect for posters, logos, quotes, and other designs. These days’ special resource is a bold and cutting-edge brush font that could healthy flawlessly on your destiny layout tasks. …

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Dubai Font Free Download

Dubai Font

Dubai Font is the new and stylish sans serif font family that has Latin and Arabic font styles. It is the partnership between the Microsoft and Dubai Government. This font package includes preliminary and terminal letters, giving you the choice …

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Batang Font Family Free Download

Batang Font

Batang Font is the best and elegant font typeface that you can easily use in any project. Santtiny is a stunning brush script that’s perfect for wedding invitations. It comes with further swashes so you can without difficulty create attractive …

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Dot Matrix Font Family Free Download

Dot Matrix Font

Dot Matrix Font is a stylish and modern typeface that will help to make the awesome layout of the projects. Download this font and use it in projects. This font, Harley Davidson, turned into designed via Charles Daoud. His concept …

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Neon Lights Font Free Download

Neon Lights Font

Neon Lights Font is a clean and modern typeface that you can use in display, headlines, and posters designs. Download and save this font typeface on your PC. Aqua gruesome, designed via Laura pol, is a tubes typeface such as …

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Luna Font Free Download

Luna Font

Luna Font is the best-handwritten typeface that you can easily use in weddings, invitations, headings, and greeting card designs. ITC luna font is an additional vast based font with a handwritten, calligraphic kind. It used to be created via Vernon …

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Palatino Font Free Download

Palatino Font

Palatino font is a serif typeface that has an old-style classification. A German designer Hermann Zapf known for many worth-using designs got his hands on this font in 1949. For the past many decades, many designers have applied this font …

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Chalk Font Free Download

Chalk Font

Here we are introducing the Chalk Font, this is the classic typeface that was the creation of Darrell Flood. The styling of this typeface seems like the chalk writing on the board. This font can easily be used for website …

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VCR OSD Mono Font Family Free Download


Riciery Leal aka was designed VCR OSD Mono and it is best for retro-leaning projects. This font has huge font styles for designing projects. It ’s eight-bit looking type recalls lo-fi 80s tech tropes and historical institution video games aesthetic, …

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