Ardagh Font Family Free Download

Today we are introducing Ardagh Font. This amazing fancy font is available for both windows and mac. This gorgeous font is ideal for making headlines of the newspaper.

Designed with the aid of the mythical Rudolph wolf, the free font own family became one of the maximum popular display fonts of its time. The creation and for at the least being attributed the advent of the famed check string.

Often referred and named after the ancient Egyptian capital his, this slab serif changed into the primary present day egyptian of its time and paved the manner for lots slab serif revivals to come back.

Wolf conceived of as the first revival of his time of the egyptian slab serifs that have been so wildly popular inside the beginning of the nineteenth century. He designed the typeface in 1929 at some stage in his tenure at the stempel manufacturing unit.

Ardagh Font Family

This free font quick became one of the most famous typefaces of its time and commenced appearing in industrial print around the globe. As with the earlier egyptian fonts.

Its excessive legibility or even weight values make the font surprisingly powerful in logo and display use. Its advent brought about an extensive revival of slab serifs in foundries around the arena.

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Ardagh Font - Ardagh Font Family Free Download

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